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​Consultancy - Organisational Development

Our expertise in the field of research, education, youth, community and organisational development practices enable us to offer support to practitioners and strategic managers on a range of policies, procedures and operational imperatives. We offer a service that covers a range of key specialist areas including:

  • Policy, strategy and best practice development
  • Bid writing 
  • Management of change
  • Interim management
  • Monitoring, evaluation and business planning
  • Staff development and performance management (independent investigations)
  • Events/conference planning, organisation and facilitation
  • Research

Organisational capacity assessment:
Through our 'capacity assessment' and our 'pre-grants application scoring' tools we are able to support non-profit organisations, especially youth and community organisations, to better understand their business in order to identify key priorities for growth and development and in the assessment of their application to Trusts and Grant Giving bodies (especially where a scoring system is being used, such as with the Florida Children's Trust funding program).

A particular strength is our ability to help organisations evaluate their work through the capturing and summarisation of organisational practices and outcomes such that:

  • Monitoring focuses on the most effective, relevant and appropriate imperatives;
  • Training and support resources are better deployed where they will have the greatest impact;
  • Evaluation is based on evidence.

Examples of work to date

​1. Youth and community:  qualification development and support (i.e. Diploma in Youth and Community Work;  Additional Ofsted Inspector;  community development training;  Skill Based Volunteer Training Programme; Community Sports Leadership Program)

2. Research (i.e. The needs of the black community in Ipswich; Young people not in education, employment or training; Understanding the support needs of BAME families with vulnerable young boys)

3. Monitoring and evaluation reviews (i.e. Youth Support Services, Westminster City Council; Northumberland Park Community School Summer Playscheme;  ALMSports;  Miami Lakes Soccer Club Summer Soccer program; 100BMOL 'Community Mentoring Programme';  Parents in Partnership;  Empowerment for Parents programme)

4. Organisational support and development (i.e. The Holy Trinity Church Business Plan; FREE Youth Development Project; MLB Solutions Project; Youth Learning Network;  Ardhmeria UK;  Playvybz; The Shane Project; Haringey Sixth Form Centre; Troy Sports Netball Club)


Interested? ​

​Then contact us for a discussion on your needs and how we may be able to help your business move to the next level of development:

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