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Over the years people have said there is not enough businesses owned by ‘people of colour’ or folks from the Caribbean. LinkupCaribbeans was born out of the desire to 'link up' peoples of the world with the best that the Caribbean offer while at the same time signpost to businesses operated by folks of the Caribbean in the main, though not exclusively so. The aim is to provide a portal, a 'window' if you will, that benefit businesses as well as provide a directory that could be accessed generally. The site, therefore, is an attempt to promote and sign-post to those businesses and services that reflect the Caribbean experience. 
LinkupCaribbean Restaurant/eateries Customer Feedback Dashboard

A common refrain we often hear is: ‘how do we know so and so business is any good?’ A recently published book, Cracking a Nut: Customer Service in the African Caribbean Business, makes the point that customer service is critical to businesses that are customer facing; ensuring the best customer service could be the difference between a one-off experience and repeat customer experiences.

We have established the first Caribbean Restaurant/eateries 'Customer Satisfaction Dashboard’ which we hope will help develop what we already know is a great product though may not be getting the accolade that is reflective of the product. We have so far captured close on 60 establishments in the UK though not all have been rated to so far. The picture is an evolving one and we hope that overtime what we already have will be added to with your help and support.  


The Dashboard provides a live ‘aggregated overview’ of how customers rate their experiences when they have visited Caribbean restaurant/eateries. It does not provide feedback on individual restaurants, but an overview of all feedback received.


We want to hear from people who have frequented (or ordered from) their favourite restaurant/eatery, wherever they may be in the UK. We want to hear how your recent experience went. How would you rate the experience?


Do you want to know how individual restaurants faire?  If so, please email: to request the report. Please be advised, there is a small charge to cover the production of the report, which will be outlined on receipt of the request.  


To provide a feedback on your most recent visit to a Caribbean restaurant/eatery, please click here.


To access the ‘Dashboard’, please click here

Password: LnkUp

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