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Our philosophy is simple: the glass is never empty! We see possibilities and opportunities where there may be doubt. Whether you are in the private, public or voluntary and community sector (i.e. non-profit) we would like to hear from you. Our belief is that 'one hand can't clap'. From time to time many of us will need support to get us to where we want to be; it is not always possible to do so alone.

Here at FW Business Ltd we offer:

1. Business promotion and advertising - 'linkupcaribbeans' is an on-line directory that was launched in 2009 with the hope of promoting Caribbean related businesses and enterprises from around the world.


2. Travel, holidays and tourism - provides a promotional opportunity for owners of holiday homes as well as a window for those looking for affordable holiday accommodation.

3. Organisational development consultancy - with over twenty years of experience at senior and strategic level, we offer a range of education, youth, community and organisational development possibilities. Our consultancy work supports a wide range of clients to improve fund-raising, the life chances of children and young people, train and develop the skills of workers and undertake reviews to improve organisational effectiveness.

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